The Chapter

Beda Chapter Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association (WSMBA) is centred in Bedfordshire and welcomes motorcyclists from surrounding counties. The Chapter is proud of its Masonic roots and supports the Provincial Grand Lodge of Bedfordshire.

You do not have to be a Freemason to meet with us or to ride with us although your bike must be road legal and capable of keeping up with the pack and be at least 500cc.

Socials and Rideouts

We meet socially every month in different pubs around Bedfordshire. We ride-out every month on a weekend alternating between short and long runs. We also meet online on a monthly basis for Quiz Night hosted by one of the members.

Further social events and ride-outs occur throughout the year. For all upcoming events please see our Events Page.

Widows Sons

Widows Sons is an International Association which seeks to represent Freemasonry in a positive light at all times while serving to raise money for charitable causes and raise Masonic awareness.


Master Masons attached to a lodge and in good standing can join as Full Widows Sons. All other Freemasons (Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft) and non-Masons can join as associate members or "Clangers"; affectionally named after the “Bedfordshire clanger” which is a local pasty consisting of a suet crust pastry filled with meat in one end and jam in the other.

Our associations

BEDA Chapter is supported by and supports

Beds Freemasons
United Grand Lodge of England

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